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Magnetic Resonance

The cardiac imaging laboratory has three workstations for carrying out qualitative and quantitative MRI analysis. Of these, one operates with the MEDIS QMass MR 7.2 and QFlow 5.2 systems, and two with the General Electric® ReportCard 4.0 and ReportCard 5.2  software.



The data from all the imaging studies carried out in the unit are stored on a password-protected external hard drive in case further analysis or subsequent checks are required. After the analysis, reports are produced with the results, also concerning the quality of the image.


The types of quantitative cardiac analysis offered by this service include: 

  • Measurement of ventricular volumes and ejection fraction
  • Assessment of regional contractility and wall motion score index
  • Measurement of ventricular mass
  • Analysis of first-pass myocardial perfusion
  • Analysis and measurement of infarct size / necrotic and fibrotic tissue (delayed enhancement studies)
  • Analysis and measurement of flow (phase-contrast imaging for conditions such as valvular insufficiency and aortic coarctation)
  • Quantitative analysis of phase-contrast angiography (of the aorta, pulmonary veins, etc.)


Currently, we have three physicians with the skills and authorised to carry out these types of analysis.



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